Our Vision

The 1,000 Families Project: Family and Community Partners, LLC will successfully engage 1,000 family by 12.31.2020

The core values of Family and Community Partners

Clinical Excellence

Highly skilled clinicians delivering services according to the most sophisticated evidence-based approaches available.

Right Livelihood

A belief that the way we become and sustain profitability should celebrate our vision for a kind, compassionate, and equitable community.

Systems Focused

Individuals are understood – and change is sustained within – the multiple systems of life.


A fundamental belief that the cruelty, tragedy, and inequity of the human condition is healed through kind and loving relationships among individuals, families, communities, and the Divine.


Our Mission

Family and Community Partners, LLC partners with families and communities to deliver smart, sophisticated, and kind services to the least of these acto Indiana.

Trauma Oriented

A foundational belief that trauma drives maladaptive behavior.


Our internal systems will honor the values of AI Theory in that they will be emergent as: post-modern, flat, democratic, and seeking-in-appreciation.

Undoing Racism

Our efforts will undo the wicked and corrupting forces of unearned white privilege, racial bias, and inequality.

The Joy of Faith

A place where people are free to practice, and are driven, by their faith.

Rediscovering Collegiality

Long-term, meaningful, and progressive relationships between all stakeholders.

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